The Wife Who Came with Workboots (And Other Stories of Life and Love in Charlton Country)

By Teri P. Gay  (Dorrance Publishing, 2013), 196 pages

This book is a memoir, set against the backdrop of Teri P. Gay’s life out in the country with her second husband, John Gay, a renowned engineer and land surveyor in New York State, whom she married after ending a previous marriage of twenty-five years.  The book’s chapters tell about growing up in Glens Falls, New York – “Hometown U.S.A.” – in the 1960’s and ‘70’s; being a wife and mother, and professional woman in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s; getting divorced and remarrying; turning fifty; living out in the country; and, embracing life and aging in the twenty-first century.  Through tales of growing up poor, rising to a career as a corporate executive, suffering through personal turmoils, and grappling with some misadventures, the book should resonate wholeheartedly with a broad audience of readers.  It is honest and fresh, happy and sad, while weaving in a historical perspective throughout.

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Spirit and Presence of Place:  Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz in Lake George  (Lake George Historical Association, 2013, 60 pages) – by Teri P. Gay

This book is the compendium to the exhibit of the lives and work of the renowned husband and wife artistic icons, Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe, in Lake George, New York, which is in permanent residence in the Lake George Historical Museum at 290 Canada Street.  This monograph includes an introduction by Lake George Mayor Robert Blais, a preface by LGHA Alex Parrott, and forty images by O’Keeffe, Stieglitz, 19th century artists, Seneca Ray Stoddard, and some period village images circa the 1920′s and ’30′s.




Strength with Out Compromise Cover Teri Gay

Strength Without Compromise: Womanly Influence and Political Identity in Turn-of-the-Twentieth Century Rural Upstate New York (2009, The American Classics Company, Ballston Lake, NY) – by Teri P. Gay


Based on Teri Gay’s thirty years of research in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties, Strength Without Compromise tells the story of the rural suffrage movement, highlighting the ladies of the Easton Political Equality Club and how they embraced their femininity and womanly influence to win the vote in New York State in 1917. Susan B. Anthony and other noted suffragists of the upstate New York region are also featured in this one-of-a-kind history book.



Malta Memories by Teri Gay CoverMalta Memories by Teri Gay Back Cover

Malta Memories (2007, Adirondack Press, Saratoga Springs, NY) – compiled and edited by Teri Ulrich

Life in Malta, New York over the past century is the focus of this collection of stories and memories. Recollections of life on the farm, shopping trips to Ballston Spa, church activities, the Grange, school, politics, and more are intermingled with heartfelt coming-of-age tales and personal anecdotes describing a simpler, less hurried era in this small, rural, and historic town. It is a compiliation of over sixty-five stories from forty-plus local writers. Their memories, each written to preserve and savor the individual writer’s “voice,” describe a way of life in a community known for its history as the site of an 18th century malt brewery, a Revolutionary-era militia “parade ground,” lovely vernacular-style Greek Revival architecture, farms, and rolling fields. Malta Memories captures the fading past and offers precious glimpses into “life as we’ve known it” in this beloved town.

The Gays at the fire placeTeri Gay and the tractor


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